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When Jane Migounoff, Livestock Marketing Manager at AFFCO, began working with X-Site she inherited the relationship from a predecessor.

She had a brief to pick up on planned events (plant open days) that were scheduled nationwide, and Hamish's name was in the file...and it all started from there.

At this stage Jane had no sense of the capacity X-Site had to help deliver their vision for their onsite events which included Fieldays and open days, but very quickly Jane realised that "they have seen and done it all. The experience they have is worth so much (much more than you could ever capture on paper.)" Since their humble beginnings, the work they do together has increased exponentially and, as Jane explains, there's a good reason for that. "X-Site have been our partner every step of the way. They are a true one-stop shop. They literally do everything for our events. They bring everything together for us and we have fun doing it!"

Jane smiles as she recalls the journey they've taken together, "it hasn't always been straightforward! I recall one time at an event we'd arrived early that morning to set up about 6am and I arrived to discover our marquee was knee-deep in water. I felt like crying. I didn't know what to do! But Hamish and the team didn't even flinch. That's how much experience they have. They have literally seen it all before. They set about getting wood chips in to absorb the water and to draw it away from the fit-out. And, would you believe it, it worked. There is literally nothing that flusters them - and that's priceless for us."

True old-fashioned customer service delivers every time

As with all events, there is always something behind the scenes that presents a little 'bump' in the road. They key is that the event attendees aren't aware of the bump and that the event management team have a can-do attitude and that they tackle these bumps with a positive approach that is solutions focused. "Hamish and the whole X-Site team don't flinch at anything. They've seen it all. I am sure we've pushed them at times, but they have always been motivated to help and nothing is too much trouble. They've always got our interests at heart and that's a dealbreaker for us. Its why we've always worked with them and will continue to do so."

X-Site manage the marquee and event infrastructure for AFFCO but they also store their entire build onsite at their own premises in Hamilton.

It's a complete service that means the client can relax knowing that X-Site can support them whenever and wherever they need a build. This means Jane has the assurance that AFFCO's collateral is moved around the country for them - and that she is saved all the hassle of arranging this personally. She concludes, "Not only do the time do a wonderful job of building and setting up our events, but they also save me time and money. I can't praise them enough."

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