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Long-standing Relationship that Goes the Distance

The Auckland Marathon and IRONMAN, run by the IRONMAN Group under the care of Race Director for the Region, Sam Ellis, definitely present specific challenges that aren't always easy to resolve. Working on these types of events takes a certain tenacity, the ability to roll with the punches and a dynamic approach.

When Sam inherited the relationship with the X-Site group over four years ago he had some reservations; they weren't based in Auckland and he was nervous that their Hamilton-based location meant less face-to-face time. However, he needn't have worried. "When I look back now at some of my caution, its with a smile on my face. Regardless of where they are based, X-Site are the easiest event management company to work with, they are a great bunch of people and they do an amazing job. They know this event really well now - better than any local supplier and you can't put a value on how that knowledge translates when an event goes live."

Sam knows these events intimately and is well acquainted with the challenges that can arise.

Events can change even in event week - most commonly with the corporate charity spaces and this means that X-Site must be prepared to work with whatever requests or challenges they are presented with. In addition, they need to adjust to any changes seamlessly and ensure that the sponsors have a fantastic customer experience - one that they'd like to repeat year on year. "With other contractors sometimes, I'd have to watch over their work, or I'd be nervous about how they were representing us, but that's never been the case with the X-Site crew. They get the job done professionally and they make it easy. They are always my first port of call for any events and I'd happily recommend them to anyone."

Working seamlessly together, despite their different locations, means that communication must be on point.

There isn't room for poor responsiveness or frustrating customer service. A breakdown in communication can be derailing for the event and Sam is very clear about how important that regular contact is for their team. Over the years X-Sites capable approach and can-do attitude has meant that the IRONMAN Group team have grown to trust them implicitly. "Their customer service is fantastic and, regardless of whether its on email or over the phone, their passion for what they do is evident. I wouldn't change a thing. I think of them as an extension of our team. We really value their advice and knowledge and bring them in about six months out from the event to start to work through a site plan together. From that point on there is regular contact and a constant process of refinement until the event goes live.

I know I can trust them and I know they'll always go above and beyond to make my events a success. What more can you ask for?"

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