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X-Site and FMG partnership cultivates success in the rural event space

FMG is a New Zealand-based insurance provider with a rich history of over 115 years. As a company founded by farmers for farmers, FMG specialises in offering tailored advice, products, and support for rural New Zealand.

Hannah Falconer, FMG's Events & Sponsorships Specialist, has been working closely with X-Site for several years. X-Site took over the management of FMG's Fieldays site approximately 8 or 9 years ago.

X-Site collaborates with FMG on a wide range of events, including National Fieldays, Regional Fieldays, The Canterbury Show, The Wanaka Show, Horse of the Year, Southern Fieldays, Agfest and Young Farmer of the Year (both Regional and Grand Finals). "The benefit of working with X-Site on all our events is that they can handle them seamlessly and understand our specific needs." - says Hannah.

X-Site established a branch in Christchurch in 2023, and as Hannah is also based Christchurch it has proven to be highly beneficial for FMG. Hannah describes the team in the South Island as "amazing", emphasising their close proximity and the ease of communication.

" I can visit the branch directly and coordinate logistics, such as sending equipment to Christchurch or having the X-Site team pick up items for me. The Christchurch branch has been incredibly helpful in supporting FMG's South Island events..."

Confidence in an event partner to deliver a successful event is key and Hannah recalls a specific example of her faith in X-Site, saying,

"During the lead-up to the last South Island Fieldays, there were major issues with the Interislander Ferry, and everyone else was worried that the event might not come together on time. However, X-Site worked their magic as always and got everything there early, ensuring our successful site set up. We always trust them to deliver..."

When asked about what sets X-Site apart from other event companies, Hannah affirms,

"You know that if X-Site has built it, it's going to hold up. Our Fieldays stand looks like a purpose-built structure. We have so much trust in their team that we know, regardless of the weather, our setup is going to hold up." She further adds, "Their people and their communication are outstanding. They are so easy to get hold of and work with, and nothing is ever a problem. If we need site changes or positions, they are flexible to work with us and align with our brand. They know our company well, even outside of our events team. They really understand our brand and what it stands for. They come up with countless ideas for the best outcome..."

On working with the X-Site team Hannah shares,

"Our entire events team thinks they are awesome. They shine so brightly, at Fieldays, you can instantly tell if it's an X-Site stand. The whole team is approachable, professional and good fun on site and that brings something extra when you're working on events. Even if it's raining and been a tough week they are always there, smile on their face. I think their terrific culture comes from the Directors down, they are hands on and there's nothing they won't do."

To other companies looking for an event partner Hannah says,

"Definitely get in touch with X-Site as soon you can. They bring so much to what we do at FMG and are an absolute dream team. They are an extension of our team, we could give them a FMG vest and they could talk to our clients about FMG. We couldn't do what we do without them."

For more information on FMG visit their website https://www.fmg.co.nz/

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