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Lisa Gasson of Classic Events has worked in the events industry for many years and as a result has high expectations of the events she sells and delivers and, by default, of the contractors she works with.

She crossed paths with Hamish and Tony of X-Site when she requested a quote for Mystery Creek event build for the New Zealand Motorhome, Caravan & Leisure Show. Their names were well-known in the events industry, and she was familiar with their experience but had not, at that point, worked directly with them.

From this initial quote, their work together has grown exponentially, and they have been the preferred contractor for Classic Events for some time.

"They look after everything for us and their can-do attitude has been a complete game-changer. Tony is brilliant and always knows how to bring my ideas to life. The whole team have a great sense of humour and its so much fun working closely together and figuring out how we will make something work."

Solid foundation of trust enables events to deliver above and beyond expectations - every time

Lisa really values the flexibility the team bring to the job. They are really solutions focused and are great at bouncing ideas around. Importantly, when the going gets tough, they are always able to find a work-around and to help however and whenever they can. "This attitude is critical when you are working on a show with 180 exhibitors such as the the New Zealand Motorhome, Caravan & Leisure Show. It's our biggest show and it needs to run seamlessly. We need a team who can provide the flooring, the marquee hire and work with us on the logistics (plus anything else that comes along on the way). And that team is X-Site."

Lisa highlights the importance of the relationships she has with organizers and contractors, "without a solid foundation of trust these events would never be as successful as they are. We must be able to rely on each other and to trust each other. Its relationships that bring events to life. The bricks and mortar will follow but the relationship is the foundation. We have that with X-Site and it's the backbone that we rely on to make sure our events deliver above and beyond expectations for exhibitors and attendees."


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    Owner and Co-Founder
    Hamish Lamb (Hamilton)
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    Owner and Co-Founder
    Donna Lamb (Hamilton)
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    Sales Representative
    Kevin Wanless (Hamilton)
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    Sales Representative
    Tony Muller (Hamilton)
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    Business Development Manager
    Oka Muaimalae (Christchurch)

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