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When Bernie Cunneen, Brand Manager at Ravensdown, began working with X-Site in 2014 the build and logistical requirements for events and sponsorship were relatively straightforward, especially in the area of Health and Safety.

Since those early beginnings, the depth and breadth of event work and its complexity has increased considerably, as has the relationship with X-Site.

Bernie explains, there's a good reason for that. "X-Site is our show build partner, and they know their stuff... I trust them and their team to deliver a quality build - they've had our back at sponsorship and field day events for over six years. We rely on them to bring our events together in a safe and well considered execution. They bring our creative concept to life."

Above and Beyond Attitude means Exceptional Delivery is a Piece of Cake

Bernie considers the X-Site team as an extension of their brand on-site. Events are a tangible experience of the Ravensdown brand. So, trusting X-Site with the brand is a huge indication of how much respect exists within the partnership. Bernie explains, "We are constantly working to build our brand equity and X-Site play an important role in nurturing that. The way our events are structured leaves no room for error or delay. And often they are clustered together running back to back over several weeks. Therefore, collaboration and teamwork are critical for success - X-Site must be a well-oiled machine to deliver on our expectations, and those of our customers.

Events, by their nature, are large logistical beasts with many moving parts. Yet Bernie asserts that the X-Site team have an astounding 'can-do' attitude. 'Literally nothing is a problem, and I am sure we've pushed them at times. However, they always have a solution and the bumps in the road disappear... That means that we can trust in the process and contrate on talking with our customers and hosting a great experience for them...

Bernie concludes, "They are a great team, and we will continue to support them and work with them..."

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