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Mark Bridgman McMillan, Director of the well-established Sika Show has over 24 years of experience running the show.

Under his passionate watch the show has grown more than 25% annually from a local hotel in Taupo to the show it now is with over 800 exhibitor staff, 6000 visitors and over 100 exhibitors.

X-Site have been supporting Mark and his team since they were running the event out of Taupo. "Hamish mounted marquees in the car park...but then we filled up that space. Eventually the challenges that location presented made the space untenable - as we could not dig or drill or damage the car park. It meant that X-Site and I had to work closely together to find workarounds. We had to get pretty creative back then. X-Site's input was always valuable and practical and no-one else would have been aware of the challenges we'd faced together putting up the marquees!"

Looking forward and going from strength to strength

Everyone who is familiar with the events industry knows that, somewhere along the line, a mishap or challenge will occur. Mark smiles and shares "when its been raining for two hours and there is a huge mudhole you have to be able to shrug your shoulders and say, okay, let's move that marquee and let's figure out a workaround. You must be fluid and you must accept 'that's life' as nothing ever goes entirely as to plan at an event...we need our contractors to be an extension of that attitude and Hamish's team absolutely are. We know we can count on them as we have, and we do."

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  • Hamish Lamb (Hamilton) profile image
    Owner and Co-Founder
    Hamish Lamb (Hamilton)
  • Donna Lamb (Hamilton) profile image
    Owner and Co-Founder
    Donna Lamb (Hamilton)
  • Kevin Wanless  (Hamilton) profile image
    Sales Representative
    Kevin Wanless (Hamilton)
  • Tony Muller  (Hamilton) profile image
    Sales Representative
    Tony Muller (Hamilton)
  • Oka Muaimalae  (Christchurch) profile image
    Business Development Manager
    Oka Muaimalae (Christchurch)

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